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Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief By Rick Riordan



Percy Jackson, book 1. Will this book enhance the public or will it be a failure to man kind? You only know when you read it, and I read it all right! Cover to cover, inside out, that book was good!  Normal boy? Strange things will occur to Percy, until his true future unwinds. Once Percy discovers that his parents were not what they seemed, he has to stop a war breaking out between the sky and the sea. That’s like putting nature against nature!

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The Bed and Breakfast Star by Jacqueline Wilson

Ratings: *****
Ages:  8+

The bed and breakfast star is just BRILL! I recommend this book for anyone. This book started my love of Jacqueline Wilson. Boys think Jacqueline Wilson is girly but her writing can inspire even the most boisterous of boys. She makes her characters seem so interesting and realistic.


Murder Most Unladylike By Robin Stevens

Rating: *****

Age: 10+

This book is absolutely incredible: I have re-read it at least 3 times! I loved reading it and the suspense is always getting more and more and more creepy until it reveals the answer. Unfortunately for me, that was the point where I had to stop reading. Anyway, I extremely recommend you read this book, especially if you like detective and murder stories. This book is not for the faint-hearted however; there is death, crime & murder awaiting all the brave how try and read it.

Pinocchio By Carlo Collodi


Age: 10+

Poor little Pinocchio. Cursed when born into a wooden body. Will his beautiful fairy friend turn him into a boy? Or will his cruel trouble maker “friend” make him stay a puppet forever? Will he meet his wonderful father Geppetto again? This children’s classic is a great way to experience the incredibly well told story of the puppet boy Pinocchio. It was once known world wide and it deserves to be again although it can be quite confusing to read. Just a  hint!

Black Beauty By Anna Sewell

Rating: *****************

Age: 11+

This is definitely the best book I’ve ever read! This tale – set a long time ago – is so incredibly well told. Will this beautiful young colt get to live with the stable keepers of his dreams or will he be tossed the cheap taxi workers? Who knows? (Well I know but I don’t want to spoil it for the people who actually decide to read the book!) This book is the perfect way to array the variety of books that you read. And more importantly: it’s just perfect.

My Own Story By Eliza Little

Today I am going to be doing some thing a little different to what I do on books books and more usually. This time I’m doing my own story! I will post new parts and add them on to the other post. This is just to let you know that there are changes to the site! 🙂

Blood Fever By Charlie Higson

Rating: *****

Age: 11+

Wow! This is one of the best books I’ve ever read. It is jam-packed with really exciting action and drama. Danger seems to find young James Bond, no matter where he runs. Here he finds himself at a Roman temple faced by the threat of the Millernaria ,(If I’ve spelt that wrong, well oops: I don’t have the book right next to me.) Now he only has one chance to stop the evil organisation. What will he do? This is the second book in the series… I can’t get the first one. Oh well.

Tom’s Midnight Garden by Philippa Pearce

Age: 8+

Rating: ****

Tom has to go away to his aunt and uncle’s house because his brother has measles. He discovers the Midnight Garden and finds a new friend….but who is she really?

The ending is really intriguing and makes me want to find out more. The start however is slightly confusing but you finally pick it up.

When Mrs Bartholomew asked to speak to Tom you think something bad might happen and my heart was thumping loudly!

I loved this book and couldn’t put it down.

Ruby Redfort Pick Your Poison By Lauren Child


Rating: *****

Age: 10+

Ruby Redfort, adventure and friendship. Bozo. This book is so far the only Ruby Redfort book I’ve read. What do you think I’m going to do? Read on? Give up? Read on… I think.The book was really enjoyable but maybe a bit too old for me. Being nine, you can see from my age pointer it was just too complex, exotic and new to my style of reading.

Girl Online By Zoe Sugg AKA Zoella

Rating: *****

Age: 12+

Finnaly something that I can say is at least for older readers I have put this book as 12+ because of some mild swears but it is still an incredible book! I love the story line. A teenager who is almost writing her diary (annomous) online you see this side of her as well as her real life experiences through her love life and every second  of this is captured in her blog. What will she do if someone finds out the trut?

Girlfriends: Boys Will Be Boys By Jean Ure


Age: 8+

Again with the easy reading, I found this book on my kindle and thought I would try it again. As you can see from the rating, I didn’t really like this book. It was funny in places but not enough to make me laugh out loud. It did have a good story line and maybe other books in this series (there is a LOT) are better, however I do not desperately recommend this book!