Monthly Archives: February 2014

Heap house by Edward Carey



A great book that I thoroughly enjoyed, the more I read, the quicker I read, it was amazing. I read it faster than ever so now I am stuck for what to read while I wait for the second book of this series to come out. I love this book and recommend it lots.

War Horse By Michael Morpurgo

Ages: 8+
War horse is a lovely tale of friendship and sadness that had me crying, that doesn’t mean it is a bad story in fact it is one of my favourites it is a perfect modern day classic. Joey keeps on going with bullets hitting riders from his back. A tale from both sides of the trenches through WWI.

Un Lun Dun By China Mieville

Ages: 8+
Un Lun Dun is a action book that has you hooked from the first page even though you do not know why. It has characters beyond comparison it can be the most inspiring book or just a great read. Either way I would recommend it.

Candyfloss By Jacqueline Wilson

Ages: 7+
Candyfloss is a interesting tale which tells you of a girl who fights not to leave her Dad behind when she moves faraway. Her Dad runs a crummy old café and doesn’t earn enough money to keep the café going. Floss (the main character) is kind and loves her Mum & Dad loads and doesn’t want to leave either of them.

The Bed and Breakfast Star by Jacqueline Wilson

Ratings: *****
Ages:  8+

The bed and breakfast star is just BRILL! I recommend this book for anyone. This book started my love of Jacqueline Wilson. Boys think Jacqueline Wilson is girly but her writing can inspire even the most boisterous of boys. She makes her characters seem so interesting and realistic.