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Tom’s Midnight Garden by Philippa Pearce

Age: 8+

Rating: ****

Tom has to go away to his aunt and uncle’s house because his brother has measles. He discovers the Midnight Garden and finds a new friend….but who is she really?

The ending is really intriguing and makes me want to find out more. The start however is slightly confusing but you finally pick it up.

When Mrs Bartholomew asked to speak to Tom you think something bad might happen and my heart was thumping loudly!

I loved this book and couldn’t put it down.

Ruby Redfort Pick Your Poison By Lauren Child


Rating: *****

Age: 10+

Ruby Redfort, adventure and friendship. Bozo. This book is so far the only Ruby Redfort book I’ve read. What do you think I’m going to do? Read on? Give up? Read on… I think.The book was really enjoyable but maybe a bit too old for me. Being nine, you can see from my age pointer it was just too complex, exotic and new to my style of reading.

Girl Online By Zoe Sugg AKA Zoella

Rating: *****

Age: 12+

Finnaly something that I can say is at least for older readers I have put this book as 12+ because of some mild swears but it is still an incredible book! I love the story line. A teenager who is almost writing her diary (annomous) online you see this side of her as well as her real life experiences through her love life and every second  of this is captured in her blog. What will she do if someone finds out the trut?

Girlfriends: Boys Will Be Boys By Jean Ure


Age: 8+

Again with the easy reading, I found this book on my kindle and thought I would try it again. As you can see from the rating, I didn’t really like this book. It was funny in places but not enough to make me laugh out loud. It did have a good story line and maybe other books in this series (there is a LOT) are better, however I do not desperately recommend this book!

Queenie By Jacqueline Wilson


Age: 8+

Okay look I know I have done way to many Jacqueline Wilson books but I am low on books so I have been doing a LOT of easy rereading (for example my normal books are 9, 10 , or 11+)   the problem is I have written most of these up before. Not this one! I really enjoyed this touching story about how the main character loses her nan to an illness has to stay with her mum then ends up with the same illness in her bones and after a long hospital rest (and many visits from the beautiful hospital cat “Queenie” and once the real Queen) she finally gets better. This story is really touching and moving

Ps sorry for the long review today!

Professor Astro Cat’s Fronteirs Of Space By Dominic Walliman & Ben Newman

Rating: *****

Age: ?

A great book circling many an age range, but amazingly illustrated and perfectly written all the same. An impressive guide to all you need to now about space, organised into magnificent sections, like “stars” and “moon facts’. I cannot express how much I enjoyed this wonder of a book, but I can say this: Please write another one.

Percy Jackson Series By Rick Riordan



Persues Jackson. Lover of the Myths. Child of Poseidon. I have written two posts so far on this series, this is a hub, a collection point, a meeting place for these posts.

James and the Giant Peach By Roald Dahl


Age: 7+

James gets tortured by his horrible aunts until oneday a mysterious man turned up, could this man change his live… But could he ruin it! A thrilling story with a complicated plot. Anyone can enjoy this magnificent tale of bugs, spiders and humans rejoicing against the enemy.

Percy Jackson And The Sea Monsters By Rick Riordan



Percy Jackson, book 2! After posting about the first, I couldn’t resist the second.  With Grover the goat-man in trouble, Percy embarks for the second time on a life risking journey, this time with his brother, Tyson The Cyclops. Annabeth and Clarisse, arch enemies, compete to rescue of Grover, tying in a way they thought impossible. Working together. A brave tale of friendship and foe, uniting the gods in their many disagreements.