Monthly Archives: December 2016

Pinocchio By Carlo Collodi


Age: 10+

Poor little Pinocchio. Cursed when born into a wooden body. Will his beautiful fairy friend turn him into a boy? Or will his cruel trouble maker “friend” make him stay a puppet forever? Will he meet his wonderful father Geppetto again? This children’s classic is a great way to experience the incredibly well told story of the puppet boy Pinocchio. It was once known world wide and it deserves to be again although it can be quite confusing to read. Just a  hint!

Black Beauty By Anna Sewell

Rating: *****************

Age: 11+

This is definitely the best book I’ve ever read! This tale – set a long time ago – is so incredibly well told. Will this beautiful young colt get to live with the stable keepers of his dreams or will he be tossed the cheap taxi workers? Who knows? (Well I know but I don’t want to spoil it for the people who actually decide to read the book!) This book is the perfect way to array the variety of books that you read. And more importantly: it’s just perfect.

My Own Story By Eliza Little

Today I am going to be doing some thing a little different to what I do on books books and more usually. This time I’m doing my own story! I will post new parts and add them on to the other post. This is just to let you know that there are changes to the site! 🙂

Blood Fever By Charlie Higson

Rating: *****

Age: 11+

Wow! This is one of the best books I’ve ever read. It is jam-packed with really exciting action and drama. Danger seems to find young James Bond, no matter where he runs. Here he finds himself at a Roman temple faced by the threat of the Millernaria ,(If I’ve spelt that wrong, well oops: I don’t have the book right next to me.) Now he only has one chance to stop the evil organisation. What will he do? This is the second book in the series… I can’t get the first one. Oh well.